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FAQ on the 2010 Polish Elections

What & when is it?

Who can vote?

Where can I vote in Seattle? In US or Canada?

Where can I find the list of candidates?

I am a Polish citizen who is visiting in Seattle, how do I vote?

I am a Polish citizen who is a permanent resident in the US, how do I register & vote?

Where are the results posted?

What & when is it?

These are elections for the President of the Republic of Poland. The elections in Poland are scheduled for Sunday, June 20, 2010; however, voting on the American continent is on Saturday, June 19, 2010.

Who can vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are a citizen of Poland with a valid Polish passport, age 18 or older.

In order to be able to vote, you need to add your name to the voting registry for  the Polish Consulate in Los Angeles. More info on registration below.

Visitors from Poland can present a voting permit to vote elsewhere obtained from their home election registry office in Poland. If you have the permit, you don't need to register.

Where & when can I vote in Seattle? USA and Canada?

In Seattle there is a polling station at the Polish Home. Voting is from 6 am to 8 pm on June 19, 2010.

Besides Seattle, in the Los Angeles consular region you can also vote in Portland, OR, Anchorage, AK, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix,  Denver, and Houston. Please check the info at the website of the Polish Consulate General in LA  for details.

Other possibilities include Chicago and Vancouver, BC; please note though, that these cities are in other consular regions, so you would need to register locally first and then to get a usual permit to vote some other place from the Consulate. Please read more about it here.

Where can I find the list of candidates?

The list of the candidates is posted here and it also will be posted at the Polish Home in Seattle. Click here for general information about voting in Seattle.

I am a Polish citizen who is a local resident, how do I register & vote?

You need to put your name on the voting registry at the Polish Consulate General in Los Angeles. The registration deadline is June17, 2010. When registering you can indicate Seattle or Portland (or other city in the consular region). If planning to travel, you can ask the Consulate for a voting permit good at the polling stations in other consular regions or outside of the United States.

You can register at the Consulate in LA by mail, email, phone, fax or personally. Please follow instructions on the website of the Polish Consulate in LA. Please note that the registration phone numbers and the special email address for registration as well as the registration form have NOT been published by the Consulate yet.

II am a Polish citizen living in Poland who is just visiting in Seattle, how do I vote?

You need to follow the regular registration procedure in Poland to obtain the affidavit of eligibility to vote that allows for voting at other polling stations than your home polling station.



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