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Polish Festival

at the Seattle Center


July 2015

July 25   Polish Ensemble Volosi at the  Folk Music Festival in Mission, BC
July 18   Ukrainian Solidarity Rally at the Green Lake Park
July 11   Polish Festival at the Seattle Center
July   Polish Cultural Center open in July but closed on July 10

At the Seattle Armory

July 18, 3 pm: Ukrainian Solidarity Rally at the Green Lake Park

The rally, commemorating the tragedy of the Malaysian flight MH-17 on its one-year anniversary, has been organized by the Ukrainian community of Seattle and the Free Russia Foundation. Besides Ukrainians, the rally committee invites local Polish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities as well as Dutch, Czech, Georgians and others to protest the war in eastern Ukraine and to call on American government to prevent full scale war there and to obtain justice for the flight victims. 


Where: the Aqua Theatre, Green Lake Park in Seattle, admission free.

More: the rally info, Ukrainian Association of WA, or contact Dr. Irene Danysh for more info

July 11, 12 pm - 8 pm: Polish Festival at the Seattle Center / Armory & Mural Amphitheatre


Siumni Higlanders


Pawel Checinski piano


Vivat Musica Choir


Parno Drom Roma music




It is the 4th annual Seattle Polish Festival that is part of Festal, the ethnic festival lineup at the Seattle Center. The venue is again at the Armory (the old Center House) and the Mural Amphitheatre. The Festival focus this year is on the Podhale region (the Polish Tatra Highlands) with its unique Highlander culture; this includes an exhibition, show & tell and performances by the Highlander folk group Siumni from Chicago. Other attractions include: live performances by folk groups, jazz artists, modern dance, folk fashion show, workshops, children’s activities and dancing; new this year: story time for children. Vendor booths offer Polish glass art, hand-crafted pottery, crystal, jewelry, and paper cut-out art. Also available: plenty of great Polish food and a beer garden.


Polish Consul Ignacy Zarski is expected at the opening of the Festival.


Armory (old Center House)


12 - 6 pm: Exhibits, Marketplace Booths,

       Children Activities, Workshops, Food Demos


Armory Main Stage Program


12:00   Grand Opening with the Polish Consul

12:50   Pawel Checinski plays Chopin

  1:30   Gosia Staszewska rhythmic gymnast

  1:40   Polonez Polish-Canadian Dance Soc.

  2:00   Young Polanie Children Group

  1:30   Gosia Staszewska rhythmic gymnast

  2:40   Polish Choir Vivat Musica folk songs

  3:20   Gosia Staszewska rhythmic gymnast

  3:30   Polonez Polish-Canadian Dance Soc.

  3:50   Knife in the Water Quartet - Polish jazz

  4:40   Gosia Staszewska rhythmic gymnast

  4:50   Polonez Polish-Canadian Dance Soc.

  5:10   Parno Drom - Eastern European Romani


  6:05   Gosia Staszewska rhythmic gymnast

  6:15   Polonez Polish-Canadian Dance Soc.

  6:35   Siumni Polish Highlander Folk Group

  7:10   Dance Party & Dance Contest


   8:00   End of the stage program


Mural Amphitheatre (Outdoors)


 12 - 8 pm:  Food Booths, 

                 Beer Garden Pod Kogutem


Mural Stage Program


12:30   Andy Mirkovich accordion music

  1:00   Marimba Trio - Music of Polish composers 

  1:20   Andy Mirkovich accordion music

  1:40   Siumni Polish Highlander Folk Group 

  2:10   Andy Mirkovich accordion music

  2:30   Parno Drom - Eastern European Romani


  3:15   Andy Mirkovich accordion music

  3:30   Polish Choir Vivat Musica folk songs

  4:00   Andy Mirkovich accordion music

  4:20   Polonez Polish-Canadian Dance Soc.

  4:40   Malgorzatki mix genre songs

  5:05   Polka Dance Contest w/ Andy Mirkovich

                  show your polka skills & win a prize

  5:35   Knife in the Water Quartet - Polish jazz

  6:40   Matt Strutynski Band  Pol-Am indie folk



   7:30   Last Beer Call

   8:00   End of program


 Armory Upper Level - Balcony and Lofts


1:30 - 2:15 Story Time Polish legends and tales for children


 Food Demos - Balcony

 Each demo is about 30 minutes


  1:00   Easiest Cake in the World

               with the Cholewinska girls 

  2:00   Golombki with Patricia

  3:00   Polish Babka  with the Cholewinska girls 

  4:00   Pickle Soup with Babcia Ann


Workshops - Loft


  12:30 - 1:30   Easter Palms (Palemki)

    1:45 - 3:15   Reverse Painting on Glass

                            limited to 20 people

    3:40 - 4:30   X-RAY WOMAN Maria Curie 

                            wacky science experiments

    4:45 - 6.00  Paper Cutouts (Wycinanki)



The Festival needs volunteers - info how to sign up. Among others, leads for the cooking demos and for the workshop on painting on glass needed

Detailed program at the Polish Festival website. Also check this TV Adventure report from the 2013 Festival.


Where: Armory & Mural Amphitheatre at the Seattle Center in Seattle; admission & entertainment free

More: Polish Festival on facebook; for PR please contact Teresa Davis

July: The Polish Cultural Center Open in July - but not on July 10

The Polish Home is open on Friday nights in July, except for July 10, 2015. It is closed on Sundays.


More: Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski in Seattle


© 2015  Ryszard Kott

Photo "Fountain" courtesy Hanna Gil, Photo "Seattle" courtesy Ryszard Kwieciński