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  July 29 Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Assn Picnic at the Lincoln Park
  July 28 Polish Book Club meeting at the Redmond library
  July 1 Consul Tokarska-Biernacik at the Polish Home
Update: List of local Polish-Americans decorated by the Consul
  July Polish Home closed in July

Polish Book Club

July 29, noon-5 pm: SGSCA picnic at the Lincoln Park

Everyone is invited - individuals, families and guests - to celebrate summer at the yearly picnic of the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association. Come to enjoy the beach with perfect viewing of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, Vashon Ferry and much more while munching on roasted kielbasa and other delights.


Where: shelter #4 (same as last year) down on the water at the Lincoln Park in Seattle, watch for the SGSCA banner; admission free, kielbasa and beverages provided, please bring a dish to share

More: Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Assn., or contact Carol Forte, also at (206) 766-8385

July 28, 10 am: Polish Book Club meeting at the Redmond library

The book for the meeting is Lala by Jacek Dehnel, published by WAB in 2006. Dehnel, 37, is an accomplished writer, poet, translator and painter; his work won such prestigious awards as the Koscielskis' (2005) and the Polityka Paszport (2006). Lala is a charming book of reminiscences and family history that has been nominated to 2007 Nike awards. The book can be bought on the Internet or borrowed from Club members. Please note: 10 am.


Where: Meeting Room #1 at the Redmond Library; admission free

More: about Jacek Dehnel, about book, contact to the Club Hanna Gil

July 1, 3 pm: Consul Tokarska-Biernacik at the Polish Home

Hon. Krystyna Tokarska-Biernacik, the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles, comes to the Polish Home in Seattle to honor people from the local Polish Community. The list of honorees is not available at this time; decorations include Orders of Merit, Siberia Crosses and Education Medals. The restaurant at the Polish Home will be open for the occasion from 1 pm.


Where: at the Polish Home, admission free

More: Polish Home in Seattle

July 1 update: Mr. Podl, Mr. Waske, Mr. & Mrs. Strutynski and Ms. Grabowski

                                decorated  by the Consul General

At the July 1 meeting at the Polish Home, Consul General Krystyna Tokarska-Biernacik honored several members of the Polish-American community for promoting Poland abroad. Mr. Tom Podl, the renowned Polish art collector, and Mike Waske, a former AFL CIO director working with Solidarity, each received a Cavalier Cross of the Order of Merit bestowed by a decision of the President of the Republic of Poland. Ms. Barbara Strutynski was decorated with a Siberia Deportee Cross also bestowed by the President of Poland. Madame Consul also awarded Education Diplomas recognizing the following people active as longtime teachers at the Polish School in Seattle: Ms. Barbara Strutynski, Mr. Marian Strutynski and Ms. Maria Grabowski. Congratulations!

Tom Podl

Mike Waske

Barbara Strutynski

Marian Strutynski

Maria Grabowski

July: Polish Home closed for July and August

This year, the Polish Home in Seattle is closed for the summer in July and August. First regular day of business after the summer, including the restaurant, is September 7, 2007.

More: Polish Home in Seattle


2007 Ryszard Kott


Fot. 'Fountain" - Hanna Gil

Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński