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  Aug 26 Polish Home Association picnic at the Lincoln Park
  Aug 25 Polish pilgrimage in Portland
Polish Book Club meeting at the Green Lake library
Summer cleanup at the Polish Home
  Aug 19 Soldier's Day celebration at Camp Long in Seattle
  August Polish Home closed in August

 Soldier's Day celebration

Aug 26, noon-dusk: PHA picnic at the Lincoln Park

This is the main picnic of the summer for the Polish community of Seattle; it is organized by to the Polish Home Association. Come and share good food and fun! There will be grills and picnic tables available as well as free drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs for kids and teenagers. A casual volleyball game is a tradition at the PHA picnics and some people always try to play soccer among the bushes, so get your sports shoes ready! Everybody is invited.

Where: shelter #2 at the Lincoln Park in Seattle, watch for a Polish flag and the PHA banner; admission free, bringing your food & drink to share is optional but welcomed

More: Polish Home Association

Aug 25, 10 am: Polish Book Club meeting at the Green Lake library

The book for the meeting is Ostatnia wieczerza by Pawel Huelle published by Znak in 2006. Huelle, 50, is a renown contemporary writer and activist, known for his Gdansk roots since his famous debut and movie Who was David Weiser? Ostatnia wieczerza is a novel set in future in a multi-ethnic Gdansk that asks serious questions about Polish religious life and faith. The book can be bought on the Internet or borrowed from Club members.


Where: At the Green Lake public library in Seattle; note: 10 am; admission free

More: about Huelle book, contact to the Club Hanna Gil

Aug 25, 9 am - 1 pm: Summer cleanup of the Polish Home

Officers and Trustees of the Polish Home Association invite members and friends of the Polish Home for the traditional end-of-the-summer cleanup of the PH facilities before the new season. The building needs a lot of attention and loving care, both inside and outside. Afterwards, lunch will be served for all the volunteers. Please come and help to clean, spit and polish our common treasure, the Polish Home!

Where: at the Polish Home, every pair of hands helps! Free lunch!

More: Polish Home

Aug 25, 7:30 am: Polish pilgrimage in Portland

This is the first pilgrimage from the St Stanislaus Church in Portland to the newly built chapel at the Grotto near Portland. The Chapel of Our Lady of Czestochowa was built by the local Polish community to commemorate100 years anniversary of the St Stanislaus Parish (1907-2007). The pilgrimage starts at 7:30 am at St. Stanislaus, the distance to walk is 6 miles. The mass at the Grotto is scheduled at 11 am, and the dedication of the new chapel at 1 pm.

Where: starting from St. Stanislaus Church in Portland

More: Fr. Tadeusz Rusnak, St. Stanislaus Church

Aug 19, from 2 pm: Soldier’s Day celebration at  Camp Long in Seattle

Polish Armed Forces are honored on August 15, the anniversary of the decisive Battle of Warsaw in the Polish-Soviet War in 1920. This year a very special celebration of the Soldier's Day will take place at the main campfire pit at the Camp Long. The Polish Home and the Polish Scout Troop Kaszuby invites to a bonfire with Polish WWII veterans. The program includes 

Where: at the main campfire pit of the Camp Long Park in Seattle

More: Barbara Strutynski, (425) 746-3037

August: Polish Home closed for July and August

In 2007 Polish Home in Seattle is closed for the summer in July and August. First regular day of business after the summer, including the restaurant, is September 7, 2007.

More: Polish Home in Seattle


© 2007 Ryszard Kott


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