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All You Can Eat!

2010 Pierogi Fest

May 1, 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

2010 Pierogi Fest Volunteer Positions

Click here for the 2010 Pierogi Fest Program 

To volunteer contact Ryszard Kott, (425) 885-6695, or Krystof Poraj-Kuczewski


Parents and students - community work hours available from Polish Home Foundation

Volunteer perk: you can eat free of charge!


Please note: position availability subject to change


Parking lot

Parking lot attendants (2-3)                     Pawel Cz. + friend

                                                            from 11


Greeter (1-2)                                          Ryszard K., Todd T & Emily,  + 1 opening

                                                            from 11:20, I should be there from about 11


Manager room

Pierogi-to-go cashier                               Krystyna U., Henryka P.

Pierogi-to-go helper (1-2)                         Sarah C., Maggie C.

                                                             from 11:30 Krystyna & Sarah

                                                             from  2 pm Henryka & Maggie


Conference room movies                       

Movie manager (2)                                  Vladimir R + 1 openings

                                                             from noon


Main cashier                                          Marian S. & Paul G.

Gate-keeper (3-4)                                   John & Diane R. from 11:30

                                                                            + 2 openings

Floor Manager, table setup                     Barbara S.

Waiters/cleaners(2)                                Jimmy P. + 1 opening

                                                            from 11:45


Kitchen Manager                                    Basia Sc.

Ladies (4-5)                                            Basia Sc. + Ladies Aux (4-5)

Buffy male helpers (3-5)                           Wieslaw Cz., John G., Pawel K. + 2 openings

                                                             John & Pawel from 11 (check w/Basia)

Dishwashers (2-3)                                   Andrzej F. 

                                                             from noon


Bar downstairs

Barman / alcohols                                  Zbyszek P. + Ivona P.

Pastries / coffee / soft drinks                   Lidia P., Irena R. + 1-2 openings



Cultural program upstairs


12:30 pm   Pierogi making demo/wkshop  Danusia M. + 1-2 opening

1:00 pm   Palm Sunday palms d/w           Aniela S, + Henryka P.

1:30 pm   Polish folk group performance    White Eagle (Victoria)

2:00 pm   Polish choir performance           Vivat Musica (Seattle)

2:30 pm   Polish cutouts demo/wkshop     Alisa L. + Wanda P.

3:00 pm   Silesian dance performance

                & demo/involving audience       Mlodzi Polanie (Seattle), Barbara S.

3:30 pm   Polish folk group performance    White Eagle (Victoria)

4:00 pm   Pierogi making demo/wkshop    Danusia M. + 1-2 openings


MC introducing performance,                1 opening

               workshops, etc.           

Microphone/Mixer setup person               Krystof P-K.

Table & chair setup upstairs                    Pawel K. + Dance Club


Children activities: book coloring etc.     Wanda C-P +  Leila G.

                                                             from noon

Books/CDs/DVSs sale

Used Book & CD Sale                            Isia K, Monika O-McN., Ewa O. + 1-2 openings

                                                             from noon

Bric-a-Brac Sale                                   Marysia G. & Martha G.

                                                             from noon


Event Management

Overall manager                                     Ryszard Kott

Kitchen manager                                    Barbara Sc.

Restaurant floor manager                        Barbara S.

Upstairs program manager                      Krystof P-K

Press release                                         Krys K.

Neighborhood mailings                            Ron G. & Andy O.


HQ helpers

Setup street signs on the day of event      1 openings - need help here

                                                             from 11

Messenger for last minute errands           1 opening


Click here for 2010 Pierogi Fest Program

To volunteer contact Ryszard Kott, (425) 885-6695, or Krystof Poraj-Kuczewski

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2010, Ryszard Kott

Fot. 'Fountain" - Hanna Gil

Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński