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September 2012

Sep 30   Polish Festival at the Seattle Center
 Sep 22-23   Polish Festival in Portland
Sep 22   Polish Book Club Meeting at the Green Lake Library
 Sep 20   Eleni in Concert at the Polish Cultural Center
 Sep 15   Polish Bazaar in Lacey, WA
 Sep 10   Polish Consul visits Portland 
  Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Seattle 
 Sep 9   Harvest Festival Dozynki at the Polish Parish in Tacoma
 Sep 7   Polish Cultural Center re-opens after the summer
 Sep 5   Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Bellevue

at Seattle Center

Polish Schools invite

Sep 30, 12 noon - 6 pm: Polish Festival at the Seattle Center / Intiman Theatre

Chad McCullough

Polonez Dance Group

Ag. Laska Dancers

Marzena Szlaga

Ashia & the Bison Rouge

Folk Fashion Show

The first-ever Polish Festival at the Seattle Center looks very interesting. Non-stop stage performance from noon to 6 pm feature great groups from Victoria & Vancouver, BC and from Portland, OR and include folk groups, a modern dance group, Polish jazz concert and of course a Chopin concert. Attractions include a Polish poster art exhibition, a historical exhibition, a Polish folk costume show, workshops & demos and more! See Festival Highlights for more info. Great Polish food & beer available, as well as Polish themed vendors with art glass, pottery, arts and crafts etc. Everybody is invited!  


Please come if you can and bring your friends. To win a permanent slot at the Seattle Center ethnic festival lineup, the Polish Festival  needs to demonstrate that it is a successful festival not only due to a great program that it has but also due to a good attendance by the public.


Schedule for main stage below. For workshops & demos and other attractions see Festival Schedule

Detailed info on all groups and performers on the Performances page.



  12:00 noon Opening: Chad McCullough plays Hejnal Mariacki form the upper lobby balcony

                                   the program starts at the main stage immediately after

       :05        Consul of the Republic of Poland Malgorzata Cup opens the Festival

                   The Honorable US Congressman Jim McDermott addresses the Festival

       :10        Pianist Marzena Lilian Szlaga music by Frederic Chopin

       :35        Polonez Dance Group polonez formal dance

       :40        Polish Choir Vivat Musica! Polish folk songs

       :50        Young Polanie Group troyak folk Dance (a Silesian dance)


      1:00 pm  Agnieszka Laska Dancers, "Chopin Project" w/ music by F. Chopin

        :25       Polish Choir Vivat Musica! Polish folk songs

        :50       Young Polanie Group  kuyaviak folk dance 


      2:00 pm  Polonez Dance Group kuyaviak & oberek folk dances

        :15       The White Eagle Band Polish highlander folk songs

        :45       Polonez Dance Group Lublin region folk dances


       3:00 pm  Polish Folk Costume Show custom design costumes

        :20        Agnieszka Laska Dancers "Chopin Project" w/ music by F. Chopin

        :40        Paul Gabrielson & Knife In The Water Quartet Polish jazz


      4:00 pm  Young Polanie Group  krakoviak medley w/ May pole and Laykonik

        :10       The White Eagle Band Polish modern folk

        :35       Ashia & the Bison Rouge cellist, songbird, avangarde, pop, blues


      5:00 pm  Polonez Dance Group krakovski suite - Cracow region folk dances

        :15       Polish Folk Costume Show  custom design costumes

        :35       Paul Gabrielson & Knife In The Water Quartet, Polish jazz

      6:00 end of the program


    12:30 - 2:00 pm  Pisanki Workshop & Demo - on going, join anytime
      2:30 - 4:00 pm  Cutout Art / Wycinanki Workshop & Demo - on going, join anytime
      4:30 - 6:00 pm  Palm Making Workshop and Demo - on going, join anytime
     Pickle Soup Demo:     12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm
     Pierogi Making Demo:   1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm


The organizing committee calls for volunteers and for financial support of the Festival. Please see more info on the Polish Festival support page how to volunteer, donate, sponsor or place an ad to support the festival


Where: Playhouse / Intiman Theatre at the Seattle Center in Seattle; admission & entertainment free

More: Polish Festival website, or Polish Festival on facebook - spread the word, click that you like it, for PR please contact Teresa Davis

Sep 22, 11 am: Polish Book Club Meeting at  the Green Lake Library

The book for the meeting is Broniewski, milosc, wódka, polityka by Mariusz Urbanek published by Wyd. Iskry in 2011. Mr. Urbanek, 52 is a journalist and an author of several books, including several biographies and documentaries. His book on Broniewski is hailed as the first book on the famous Polish poet that was properly researched. Iskry has also published a volume of Broniewski's poems selected and edited by Urbanek.


Where: at the Green Lake Public Library in Seattle; admission free; in Polish

More: about the book (PL), Wladyslaw Broniewski, Polish Book Club,

Sep 22-23: 19th Polish Festival in Portland

If you haven't seen it - go for it! At two full days of attractions, it's the biggest and the colorful Polish Festival in the western United States. Each year the Festival features exhibitions, jazz or piano concerts plus the two full days of performances by the best Polish folk groups from the west coast US and Canada , variety of merchandize and tons of pierogi & other Polish food as well as Polish beer. There are also polka contests on both days and dancing on the Saturday evening.


This year, the Festival and the Polish community have been honored by the Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber, with a Proclamation of Oregon Polish Culture Weekend over Sep 22-23, 2012. Congratulations to the Portland Polonia, Polish Library Building Association and to the Polish Parish in Portland.


Where: St. Stanislaus Church & Polish Hall & Library, at an equivalent of a city block at 3900 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR; admission & entertainment free

More: Festival 2010 program, article about Festival, contact PLBA president Donata Tiley

Sep 20, 7:30 pm: Eleni in Concert at the Polish Cultural Center

Ms. Eleni Tzoka is a well known Polish pop music singer of Greek origin. She comes to Seattle with her three person band that includes a brilliant instrumentalist of Greek instruments Kostas Dzokas. As is usual at such events, the Polish Home restaurant will be open from 6 pm


Where: classes at the Polish Cultural Center / Polish Home; tickets $35 regular,  $30 advanced

More: about Eleni (in Polish), ticket reservations Asia Jeziorski  425-417-9548, Renata Mroz 206-362-7917

Sep 15: Polish Bazaar in Lacey, WA

This is the first ever Polish Bazaar in Lacey, organized by the Lacey Minsk Mazowiecki Sister City Association. The association is also involved in the 2012 Washington Business Week Project - a summer business school for Polish high school students in Gdynia, Gdansk and Minsk Maz. The bazaar follows the time proven formula of combining great Polish food and beer with Polish arts & crafts and merchandize on sale.


Where: Thurston County Fairgrounds - Exhibition Hall, Lacey, WA, admission & entertainment free

More: please contact Ms. Mary Kirker of Lacey Sister City Assn.

Sep 10, 6 pm: Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Seattle

The Juliusz Slowacki Polish School in Seattle offers classes to individuals of all ages. Children from grades 1-8 learn Polish language & literature, as well history and geography of Poland; assignment is based on proficiency level in Polish. Adults can learn Polish as beginners or at intermediate & advanced levels. All classes at the Polish Cultural Center in Seattle on Mondays starting on Sep 17, 2012.


Where: classes at the Polish Cultural Center / Polish Home; on Mondays at 6 pm

More: for children contact Michael Cozzie (206) 257-9269, for adults  contact Marian Strutynski (425) 746-3037, Polish School in Seattle

 Sep 10: Polish Consul visits Portland

The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles kindly informs that the consular visit to Portland to process passport applications and to handle other matters that require Polish citizens to talk to a consul in person is scheduled for Sep 10, 2012. The visit is coordinated by Mr. Mateusz Kowalski who provides detailed info to people who sign up. The Consul is available from 9 am to 5 pm;  reservations are required to see the Consul.


Where: At the Polish Hall & Library in Portland, OR; reservations required - please contact Mr. Kowalski.

More: FAQ info on Polish passports; contact to Mr. Kowalski,

Sep 9, from 10 am: Harvest Festival at the Polish Parish in Tacoma

Fr. Eugeniusz Bolda and SS. Peter and Paul Parish in Tacoma invite everybody to a Polish harvest festival. The program follows the mass of Thanksgiving at 10 am and includes traditional Polish food, beer, music, souvenirs, games for children and more.


Where: at the Parish Hall of SS Peter a& Paul in Tacoma; admission free, in Polish

More: Contact Fr. Bolda & to the Parish is (206) 282 1804.

Sep 7: The Polish Cultural Center re-opens after summer

The Polish Home opens after the summer break in the week after the Labor Day. In particular the restaurant and the bar will be open on Friday nights starting from Sep 7, 2012.


More: Polish Cultural Center / Polish Home in Seattle

Sep 5, 6:30 pm: Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Bellevue

Fr. Jan Twardowski Polish School in Bellevue invites children from the Eastside as well as Seattle. The School is separate from the Polish School in Seattle. Subjects include Polish language, geography, history and culture classes offered to children from grades 1 to 8, based on proficiency in Polish. The School also has a program of Polish as a second language for children. All classes are on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. The first day of school is Sep 12, 2012.

Polish School in Bellevue is looking for a teacher.
Where: open house at the East Shore Unitarian Church
Education Building, Bellevue.
More: Polish School in Bellevue,
School email contact or Anna Cholewinska at 425 736 1209.


© 2012  Ryszard Kott

Photo "Fountain" courtesy Hanna Gil, Photo "Seattle" courtesy Ryszard Kwieciński