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 Mar 30  Easter Egg sharing  at the Polish Home
 Mar 29  Polish Book Club meeting at the Redmond Library
 Disco at the Polish Home
 Mar 22  Easter Food Basket blessing in Seattle, Bellevue & Tacoma
 Mar 16, 21 & 23  Polish Home closed for Easter
 Mar 15  Polish Bazaar at the Polish Home
 Mar 8  Spring cleaning at the Polish Home
 Mar 2  Polish School Luncheon at St. Margaret's Church

Polish Bazaar

Mar 30, 4:30 pm: Easter Egg sharing at the Polish Home

A traditional meeting of members & friends of the Polish Home with sharing of the Easter eggs and a dinner; Fr. Stanislaw Michalek will be present. Organized by the Ladies Auxiliary and the Polish Home.


Where: at the Polish Home;

More: Polish Home

Mar 29, 10 am: Polish Book Club meeting at the Redmond Library

The book for the meeting is Kurier z Warszawy by Jan Nowak-Jezioranski published by Znak in 2005. Jezioranski was the legendary courier of the Polish WWII resistance as well as a person important in shaping Polish fate well into 1990s. He was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the US and with the Order of the White Eagle in Poland. This recount of his WWII exploits as a resistant fighter and an envoy for the Home Army reads like a great thriller. The book can be bought on the Internet or borrowed from Club members, both in Polish and English versions.


Where: at the meeting room #1 at the Redmond Library; admission free

More: the book in English, about the book (in Polish), Jan Nowak / Zdzislaw Jezioranski, Polish Book Club

Mar 29, 7 pm - midnight: Disco at the Polish Home

Disco with DJ Philip. Cocktail hour from 7 pm. Everyone is invited!


Where: at the Polish Home; tickets $10 students, $15 others, you must be 21+ to attend

More: Polish Home

Mar 22: Easter Food Basket blessing (Swiecone)

This is the schedule for blessing of the traditional Easter food baskets on Holy Saturday, March 22.


    Bellevue: St. Louise Church, at 2 pm

    Seattle:  St. Margaret’s Church, at 11 am, noon, 2 pm & 3:15 pm

    Tacoma: St. Joseph Church, at 1 pm

                 SS. Peter & Paul Church no info

Easter season: Polish Home closed March 16, 21 & 23

As is the tradition, Polish Home is closed on Good Friday, March 21. The restaurant is also closed on Palm Sunday March 16 and on Easter Sunday, March 23.

More: Polish Home in Seattle

Mar 15, noon - 7 pm: Spring Bazaar at the Polish Home

The Spring Bazaar is an annual event organized by the Ladies Auxiliary. The booths upstairs offer Polish crystal bowl and vases, amber and silver jewelry, pottery, crafts, books, Easter eggs and much more. Downstairs you can enjoy traditional Polish dishes served by the young waiters clad in Polish folk costumes. You can also buy home-made desserts and pastries. This is usually a quite crowded event, so come early.

Where: at the Polish Home; admission free
More: Polish Home

Mar 8, 9 am - 1 pm: Spring cleaning at the Polish Home

Free lunch for all volunteers! Polish Home invites members and friends to a spring cleaning at the Polish Home. Officers and Trustees will lead by example in the effort to clean up the facility both inside and outside. Please drop by for a couple of hours and help to clean & polish our common treasure, the Polish Home!

Where: at the Polish Home, every pair of hands helps! Free lunch!

More: Polish Home

March 2, 10:45 am - 2 pm: Polish School Luncheon at St. Margaret's

The Polish School from Seattle invites everybody to a luncheon featuring a Polish-style home-made dinner and a ponchke (Polish hole-less donuts) sale. You can also buy dinners to take home. The proceeds from this event go to the benefit of the School.


Where: at the Parish Hall of  St. Margaret's Church in Seattle, dinner available after mass at 9:45 (approx. 10:45 am - noon) and after mass at 12 (approx. 1 pm - 2 pm), admission free; dinner $12 regular or take out.

More: contact Principal Krystyna Swietlicka (206) 720-0683


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Photo "Fountain" courtesy Hanna Gil, Photo "Seattle" courtesy Ryszard Kwieciński