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 Oct 27 Polish Book Club meeting at the Redmond Library
 Oct 20 UW Slavic Homecoming Celebration at the Polish Home
Elections to the Polish Parliament at the Polish Home
 Oct 12-17 Five movies by Polanski at the SIFF Cinema
 Oct 10 Expansion Project meeting at the Polish Home
 Oct 6 Polish Cabaret To i Owo at the Polish Home


Movies by Polanski

Oct 27, 10 am: Polish Book Club meeting at the Redmond library

The book for the meeting is PasTVisko by Jacek Fedorowiczl, published by Wyd. Literackie in 2006. Fedorowicz, 70, is a very well know comedian, both as an author and as an actor, who made his name as a radio personality and then a movie star. PasTVisko is a set of short and frequently vitriolic texts published as a syndicated column. The book can be bought on the Internet or borrowed from Club members. Please note: 10 am.


Where: Meeting Room #1 at the Redmond Library; admission free

More: about Fedorowicz (in Polish), about book (in Polish),  Polish Book Club

Oct 20, 7 pm: UW Slavic Homecoming Celebration at the Polish Home

Adas Dopierala at

2004 UW Slavic Fest

Slavic Homecoming is a yearly event celebrating different Slavic cultures and communities. This year it celebrates the people and culture of Poland. The program includes: remarks by prof. Augerot and alumna Sheila Charles, a presentation by Tom Podl and sing-along songs by the Polish Choir Vivat Musica as well as food and wine. Organized by the UW Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures and UW Alumni Assn. with cooperation of UW Polish Studies Endowment Ctee. and Polish Home Assn.


Where: at the Polish Home; tickets UWAA Members $12, Non-members $15, Students $7, Seniors $10. Prices include light buffet and drinks

More: about Homecoming, UW Slavic Dept, UW Polish Studies, Tom Podl

Oct 20, 6 am - 8 pm: Elections to the Polish Parliament

The parliamentary elections are called in Poland for October 21, 2007. Polish citizens from our area can vote locally in these elections. The polling station will be open at the Polish Home on Saturday, October 20, 2007 from 6 am till 8 pm. Please refer to the election info here (in Polish) for details about registration procedure, deadlines and other FAQ about elections. Please note, registration deadline is October 15.


Where: at the polling station at the Polish Home in Seattle; you must be a Polish citizen and register your name with the Consulate in LA in order to vote

More:  FAQ about elections in Seattle, local election info, including candidate lists and how to vote (in Polish), info at the LA Consulate website (in Polish)

Oct 20 Elections follow up: PiS edges PO by 2 votes in Seattle

This is the results summary from the Seattle polling precinct in the Polish Parliament elections on October 20, 2007. There were 201 voters registered out of which 173 voted. In voting to the Sejm,  the incumbent PiS had 80 votes and PO had 78, with the Prime Minister Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski edging the opposition leader Mr. Donal Task by 1 vote, 76 to 75. Other parties trailed way behind, with LiD getting 6 votes.


More: Full results from Seattle FAQ about elections in Seattle,

Oct 12-17: Five movies by Roman Polanski at the SIFF Cinema

Roman Polanski

SIFF Cinema presents a short retrospective for the famous Polish director under the title Five by Polanski. These are the great classics of his from 60s and 70s. The schedule is


   Oct 12, Rosemary's Baby, 1968, with Mia Farrow & John Cassavetes

   Oct 13, Chinatown, 1974, with Jack Nickolson & Faye Dunaway

   Oct 15, The Fearless Vampire Killers, 1967, with Polanski & Jack MacCowran

   Oct 16, The Tenant, 1976, with Polanski & Isabelle Adjani

   Oct 17, Repulsion, 1964, with Catherine Deneuve


Roman Polanski won the Academy Award in 2002 for directing The Pianist. He was also nominated for Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown and Tess.


Where: at the SIFF Cinema at the Seattle Center;

More: Five by Polanski, Roman Polanski, Roman Polanski

Oct 10, 7:30 pm: Expansion Project meeting at the Polish Home

This is a monthly meeting of the Project committee. Come to discuss and support more changes at the Polish Home! This is an open meeting, everybody interested in the project is invited to come and discuss issues. Volunteers are also welcomed at the meeting!


Where: at the Polish Home, just drop by

More: Polish Home Foundation, Polish Home

Oct 6, 7:30 pm: Polish Cabaret To i Owo at the Polish Home

The long awaited performance by our own Polish Home cabaret troupe To i Owo is coming at last - and with several new faces from the young generation, too! The new program is in Polish as usual and is called I to jest zycie - c'est la vie! Everybody is invited to a great evening - an engaged audience spurs the artist to be at their best! The restaurant and the bar will be open for the occasion from 5 pm.


Where: at the Polish Home; admission $10

More: Barbara Strutynski, (425) 746-3037


2007 Ryszard Kott


Fot. 'Fountain" - Hanna Gil

Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński