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 Dec 31   New Year's Eve party at the Polish Home

 Dec 23, 28

        & 30

  Polish Home closed for Christmas
 Dec 16   St Stanislaus Choir sings at the Grotto in Portland
  Reading and Carols at the St. James Cathedral
 Dec 15   St. Nicolas party in Kirkland
  PNA Christmas party & dinner in Tacoma
 Dec 14   Christmas traditions and carols at the Polish Home
 Dec 9   Movie God's Little Garden at the Seattle Art Museum
 Dec 2   St. Nicolas party at the Polish Home
  Agnieszka Laska Dancers at Seattle International Dance Festival
  Mariusz Kwiecien in recital in Vancouver, BC


Carols at the PH


Mikolajki in Kirkland

Dec 31, 7:30 pm - 3 am: New Yearís Eve party at the Polish Home

Itís a traditional party on the New Yearís Eve with wining and dining as well as dancing to the music by a DJ. Ticket price includes a traditional Polish dinner, champagne, hats etc.


Where: at the Polish Home; tickets $65/$95 per person PHA members/others ($130/$190 a pair)

More: ticket reservations Zbyszek Pietrzyk 206-762-6553, please make your reservation as soon as possible

Dec 23, 28 & 30: Polish Home closed for Christmas

The Polish Home, in particular the restaurant and the bar, is closed for Christmas on December 23, 28 and 30, 2007.

Please note: the Polish Home is still open on Friday, December 21.


Where: at the Polish Home


Dec 16, 6 pm: St. Stanislaus Choir sings at the Grotto in Portland

As is the yearly tradition, the St. Stanislaus Choir will sing Polish carols at the Christmas Festival of Lights at the Grotto in Portland. The Grotto Festival celebrates 20th anniversary this year and with over 150 choral concerts is a wonderful opportunity to listen to Christmas music from different countries, including Poland.


Where: at the Grotto, at NE 85th & Sandy Blvd, Portland OR; tickets $7 (children $3)

More: The Grotto Festival St. Stanislaus Church

Dec 16, 7:30 pm: Reading and Carols at the St. James Cathedral

Reading and Carols is a traditional candlelight Advent service and concert with the Cathedral Children & Youth Choirs under Stacey Sunde, conductor. Ms. Anna Sawicki, the director of the Polish Choir and a singer in her own right, will sing a Polish carol during this concert.


Where: St. James Cathedral in Seattle; donation $10 suggested

More: contact to Anna Sawicki (509) 246-1060

Dec 15, 4 pm: PNA Christmas party in Tacoma

This is a yearly Christmas party for the PNA Lodge #156 in Tacoma. The event includes a dinner and caroling. Due to dinner being served, a reservation is needed.


Where: South Tacoma Community Center; please contact Jim Hicker for reservation

More: contact Jim Hicker of Lodge 156 for more information

Dec 15, 6 pm: St. Nicolas party in Kirkland

This is another Mikolajki party, organized by the Polish School in Bellevue. The traditional program includes a short performance by the schoolchildren, Santa Claus visit, sharing of Christmas wafers and sweat treats. Every child is welcomed!


Where: Kirkland Woman's Club, 407 1st Street, Kirkland; admission free

More: Polish School in Bellevue, or contact Anna Cholewinska

Dec 14, 8 pm: Christmas traditions & carols at the Polish Home

Everybody is invited to an evening devoted to the joy of Christmas traditions and caroling. Polish Choir Vivat Musica will perform many of the favorite songs of the season - you are invited to join in a sing-along featuring traditional Christmas carols, sung both from Polish and English repertoire.


Where: at the Polish Home, just drop by

More:  Polish Home

Dec 9, 4 & 6 pm: Movie God's Little Garden at the Seattle Art Museum

God's Little Garden / U Pana Boga w ogrodku, a comedy directed by Jacek Bromski, was a big hit of the 2007 season in Poland. It is set in a quiet countryside town and follows shenanigans of the town mayor, the priest, the police chief and a gangster in a witness protection program. In Polish with English subtitles. Organized by Dr. Michal Friedrich.

Where: at the Seattle Art Museum downtown; ticket info

More: Michal Friedrich can be reached at (206) 257-8010

Dec 2, 2:30 pm: St. Nicolas party at the Polish Home

This is a Mikolajki party organized by the Polish Home. The program includes a performance by the newly created children dance group Mlodzi Polanie from the Polish Home, singing of Polish carols led by the Dopierala family and of course a visit by the Santa Claus. Participating is encouraged: children from the audience who can perform a song or say a little poem will earn special awards. The restaurant will be open from 1 pm as is usual on Sundays.


Where: at the Polish Home; admission free

More: Polish Home, or contact Barbara Strutynski (425) 746-3037

Dec 2, 8 pm: Agnieszka Laska Dancers at SIDF

Seattle International Dance Festival and the Pfft! Dance Theatre Company invite to international dance performances at the Broadway Performance Hall from Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2007. Agnieszka Laska (pronounced wus-ka) is an internationally  recognized modern dancer and choreographer based in Portland, OR. On December 2, her group will split the evening performance with an Ecuadorian group.


Where: at the Broadway Performance Hall; SIDF tickets

More: Agnieszka Laska Dancers, article about the group (in Polish)

Dec 2, 8 pm: Mariusz Kwiecien in recital in Vancouver, BC

Mariusz Kwiecien

The Polish baritone superstar pays his first visit to Vancouver, BC, to sing in a recital organized by the Vancouver Recital Society. The program includes Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Karlowicz and Ravel. Kwiecien is one of the best voices around and a charismatic actor. If you missed him in Seattle earlier this year, it's worth the trip.


Where: at the Vancouver Playhouse Theater Company, Vancouver, BC

More: Kwiecien in Vancouver, Vancouver Recital Society


© 2007 Ryszard Kott


Fot. 'Fountain" - Hanna Gil

Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński