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June 2004

June 25 Radio Wisla fundraiser at the Polish Home

June 25

 Radio Wisla fundraiser at the Polish Home

June 20 Anastasia Solomatina in a concert at Benaroya
Father’s Day Brunch in Tacoma
June 19 Disco Night at the Polish Home
Polish Book Club meeting at the new Seattle Library
June 18 Konopielka at the Polish Home
June 12 Polish EU elections
Choral Music by Panufnik & Penderecki at St. Mark’s, Seattle
CNN Documentary on Warsaw Uprising
June 9 Tomasz Stanko at the Triple Door, Seattle

June 19

 Polish Book Club meeting at Seattle Public Library

June 6 CNN Documentary on Warsaw Uprising
Tomorrow’s Weather by Stuhr at SIFF
June 5 Dance evening at the Polish Home
June 4 J & S Pagacz talk about Lake Baikal at Polish Home
June 3 Radio Wisla on 8 pm

Tomorrow’s Weather by Stuhr at SIFF

Radziwilowicz in a French movie at SIFF
Until June 12 Poles in Central Asia exhibition at the St. Margaret's Church
June 25, 6-9 pm - Radio Wisla fundraiser at the Polish Home

1150 AM

Thu 7 pm

Sat 12 noon

Radio Wisla is a new Polish language radio broadcasting on 1150 AM every Thursday at 7 pm, repeated Saturday at noon. The Radio invites all the listeners and friends to a fundraiser and an auction with gains going towards operating expenses. The event includes Q&A with the Radio staff, a special program prepared for St. John eve and the auction. Autographed CDs with broadcasts will be available. All donations to the auction are welcome, from bicycles through computer equipment, books, CDs and DVDs to foodstuff and cold cash. Please come and have a good time while supporting Polish language broadcasting in your neighborhood!

Where: at the Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave, Seattle; admission free

More: www.RadioWisla.com, www.PolishHome.org

June 20, 2 pm - Anastasia Solomatina in a concert at Benaroya

Anastasia Solomatina

The Chopin Foundation NW invites to a concert by Anastasia Solomatina featuring works by Chopin, Debussy and Scriabin.  Ms. Solomatina is a Russian born pianist educated in Russia and the US and a winner of Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey international competition. Since moving to Seattle in 1994 she has performed as a soloist with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Northwest Chamber Orchestra, and the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra to rave reviews. The program includes Chopin's Sonata Op. 58, his marvelous Ballade #4 and Nocturne in C minor, Debussy's Suite Bergamasque and his Pour le Piano, and Scriabin's Sonata #3.

Where: Illsley Ball Nordstron Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall, Third & Union, Seattle; tickets $20 regular, $15 seniors, $10 students at the door, at Benaroya, at Ticketmaster or at Chopin Foundation (206) 381-1416

More: www.ChopinNW.org, Steven Lagerberg (206) 381-1416

June 20, 10 am – 2 pm - Father’s Day Brunch in Tacoma

The Polish Hall in Tacoma invites to a special brunch for Father’s Day. This is the last Sunday before the summer that the Polish Hall in Tacoma is open (it will reopen in September).

Where: the Polish Hall, 1650 E 30 St, in Tacoma; brunch is $9 per person

More: (253)8394529, (253)5819955, e-mail [email protected]

June 19, 8 pm – midnight - Disco Night at the Polish Home

Disco Tec with DJ Marcin Ludowicz, everybody is invited. The bar is open till midnight, refreshments available as well.

Where: at the Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave. Seattle; tickets $10

More: www.PolishHome.org

June 19, 1- 3 pm - Polish Book Club meeting at the new Seattle Library

The book for the next meeting is Madame by Antoni Libera, published by Wyd. Znak in 1998. Madame, Libera's debut novel, was a bestseller nominated for the Nike, the most important Polish literature award, and was awarded the prestigious Andrzej Kijowski award. The novel is a humorous, self-ironical portrait of the author’s coming of age in the reality of communist Poland at the close of the 1970s. The book has been translated into many languages including English (see Amazon). As usual, the book of the month can be borrowed from the club members below. New members are always welcome at club meetings. Added bonus: sightseeing of the new Library!

Where: Central Library, room #6, 4th floor, 1000 Fourth Ave., Seattle, (206) 386-4636, admission free, in Polish.
More: about the Polish Book Club: www.polskaksiazka.org for info or books Jagoda Sondej [email protected], or Hanna Gil [email protected], the library www.spl.org/default.asp?pageID=branch_central&branchID=1

June 18, 8 pm - Konopielka at the Polish Home, in Polish

Konopielka is a novel by Edward Redlinski that was a bestseller when published in 1973; it was immediately adapted as a bestselling play and as a hit movie in 1981. This story set in 1950s Poland about down to earth peasant mentality confronted with urban civilization and progressive thinking has been prepared for stage as a monodrama by Jerzy Kopczewski. Mr. Kopczewski, nicknamed Buleczka, an actor from the famous Piwnica Pod Baranami (Under Rams) in Cracow, performed monodramas in Seattle and Vancouver with a great success. Comedy for adults only, in Polish.

Where: at the Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave. Seattle; tickets $16 regular, $14 PHA members, $12 advanced; ticket price includes a glass of wine for Dads due to Father’s Day!

More: Redlinski: http://www.culture.pl/en/culture/artykuly/os_redlinski_edward

June 12, 2004 8 am - 8 pm - Polish EU elections

Polish citizens as well citizens of other EU countries who are resident aliens in Poland can vote in the June 13, 2004, elections of Polish representatives to the European Union Parliament while in USA or Canada. Eligible voters from the Washington state belong to the Los Angeles voting district with poll stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. There is no absentee balloting but one can vote in other districts, such as in Vancouver, BC or Chicago, after registering with the LA district first and then obtaining a permit to vote elsewhere. A valid passport is needed and the deadline for voter registration is June 8, 2004.

More: LA Consulate info: www.polishconsulatela.com/Polish/Wydarzenia-ogloszenia/p3-1.htm, Vancouver info http://www.polishembassy.ca/news_details.asp?nid=184 , general info www.PKW.gov.pl

June 12, 2 pm & 8 pm - Choral Music by Panufnik & Penderecki at St. Mark’s, Seattle

Roxanna Panufnik

Seattle Choral Company under artistic direction of Fred Coleman presents a concert at St. Mark’s Cathedral that includes Westminster Mass by Roxanna Panufnik and Song of the Cherubim by Krzysztof Penderecki. The Westminster Mass was commissioned for the 75th birthday anniversary of Cardinal Hume at the Westminster Cathedral. Roxanna is a daughter of Andrzej Panufnik and a famous composer in her own right.

Where: St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, 1245 10th Ave E, Seattle; tickets at SCC (206) 363-1100

More: http://www.seattlechoralcompany.org/concerts_angels.html, http://www.chambermusic2000.com/composer.php?c_id=22

 June 9, 7:30 pm - Tomasz Stanko at the Triple Door, Seattle

Tomasz Stanko

Trumpet virtuoso Tomasz Stanko is one of the best Polish jazzmen around and is very famous in Europe. He played in Seattle at the 2002 Earshot Jazz Festival and was called a giant of jazz in the program! His sound evokes Miles Davis and Chet Baker and his music is lyrical and moody. Stanko also credits Krzysztof Komeda as a source of his inspiration; one example is Litania, 1997, set to Komeda's music from Rosemary's Baby by Polanski and other movies. The Triple Door’s Mainstage provides an intimate setting fitting the artist. T. Stanko also plays at Blue Monk in Portland on June 11.

Where: the Triple Door, 216 Union St., Seattle, (206) 838-4333; tickets $18; the Theater opens 6 pm, lounge from 4 pm, kitchen open nightly;

More: concert info www.thetripledoor.net/event.aspx?eid=204, Stanko www.stanko.polishjazz.com, an interview with Tomasz Stanko before his 2004 American tour: www.polishjazz.com, Radio Wisla information about Tomasz Stanko (in Polish)

June 6 & 12, at 5 pm & 8 pm (PST)- CNN Documentary on Warsaw Uprising

Warsaw Rising: the Forgotten Soldiers of World War II is a special documentary about the Warsaw Uprising, Aug 1 – Oct 2, 1944. The program has been very well prepared by the CNN with rare movie clips from Warsaw during the Uprising, testimonials from Uprising veterans and frank commentary by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Norman Davies. The documentary honors Polish underground soldiers and ordinary Warsaw citizens who in summer 1944 fought for 63 long days under Nazi siege and lost. The program is a must for everybody who wants to understand the depth of bitterness of Polish modern history and Polish debates about the Uprising.

Where: the CNN channel, June 6 at 5 pm and 8 pm PST, repeated June 12 at the same time.

More: CNN press release www.PolishNewsSeattle.org/WarsawUprising.htm

June 5, 8 pm - midnight - Dance evening at the Polish Home

This is a special dance evening in that it is also fundraiser for the ventilation installation at the Polish Home: all the profits from the event will go towards the ventilation / air conditioning fund. Ladies Auxiliary will prepare a dinner included in your ticket price. Dancing with the favorite local DJ, Marcin Ludowicz.  Organized by the Polish Home Assn & Ladies Auxiliary. So far about $8,000 has been raised for the ventilation project.

Update as of June 17: the dance generated about $1000 in profit for the ventilation project.

Where: at the Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave. Seattle; tickets $20 PHA members, $23 regular; the price includes dinner

More: www.PolishHome.org

June 4, 8 pm - J. & S. Pagacz talk about Lake Baikal at Polish Home

Julia and Stanislaw Pagacz are researchers from Poland, currently working at the Olympic Nat. Park, WA. They made four trips to Lake Baikal region and authored two guide books and a photo-album ‘Siberia: In the Baikal land of the Buryats’. Their rich slide presentation will show beautiful landscape of the lake and surrounding mountains, unique flora & fauna of the region and will focus on Buryat people and their culture, including their temples and monasteries.

Supported by the Polish Home Foundation.

Where: at the Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave. Seattle; admission free

June 3 - Radio Wisla on 8 pm

Radio Wisla is a new Polish language station covering Puget Sound that features Polish music, news, poetry, discussions, sports, etc. It broadcasts on AM 1150, every Thursday at 7 pm for an hour, repeated the following Saturday at noon. However, next Thursday, June 3, 2004, the Radio will broadcast at 8 pm.

Where: 1150 AM, and also at http://stream.newschannel1150.com:8000 during broadcast hours; in Polish

More: www.RadioWisla.com

June 3 & June 6 - Tomorrow’s Weather by Stuhr at SIFF

Seattle International Film Festival brings only one Polish movie this year: the acclaimed Tomorrow’s Weather (Pogoda na jutro) directed by Jerzy Stuhr. Mr. Stuhr plays a former gym teacher who has spent seventeen years living in a monastery after escaping an unfaithful wife and the Communist regime. When his fellow monks convince him to perform in a band, his family finds him and his quiet, simple life will soon come to an end. The movie won three 2004 Eagles (Polish Oscars), including the best actor for Mr. Stuhr. The movie was also voted the best movie at the Polish FF in LA last month.

Seattle International FF runs May 20 – June 13, 2004


Where: June 3, 7:15 pm at the Harvard Exit and June 6, 3:45 pm at the Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle; In Polish w/English subtitles.

More: SIFF http://www.seattlefilm.com/index.aspx,

Stuhr http://www.kinoeye.org/02/05/horton05.php

about movie: http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/en/film/28192.html

Seattle Times movie review  (one needs to register for the Seattle Times archives before reading the review)

June 3 - Radziwilowicz in a French movie at SIFF

Jerzy Radziwilowicz


Jerzy Radziwilowicz, the actor whom we will always remember as Maciek Birkut in Wajda’s Man of Marble and Man of Iron, plays the leading role in The Story of Marie and Julien directed by Jacques Rivette. The SIFF short introduction to the movie praises Mr. Radziwilowicz and Emmanuelle Beart for exceptional lead performances in this accomplished film. Seattle International Film Festival runs May 20 – June 13, 2004.

Where: May 31, 11 am at AMC Pacific Place, 600 Pine Street, Seattle, (206) 652-2404, June 3, 9:30 pm at Harvard Exit, 807 E. Roy at Harvard, Seattle, (206) 781-5755

More: Actor www.culture.pl/en/culture/artykuly/os_radziwilowicz_jerzy, movie www.seattlefilm.com/film/detail.aspx?id=175, SIFF http://www.seattlefilm.com/index.aspx

Until June 12 - Poles in Central Asia exhibition at the St. Margaret's Church

In year 2000 - Services resumed in the renovated Polish Church in Tashkent

The exhibition Poles in Central Asia: Lives, Fates, Traces presents fates of Poles migrating or deported to Central Asia since mid-19th  century, with a special focus on Stalin times and on gen. Anders and his army. It has been prepared by Ewa & Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski based on private archives of Dr. Olga Medvedeva and is supported by Polish Home Foundation.

Dr. Olga Medvedeva is a researcher, translator and a great friend of Poland based in Vancouver, BC. Since 2000, she’s been busy at newly accessible post-Soviet archives researching fates of Poles in Central Asia in 19c & 20c.

Where: at the Polish Church, when the Parish Hall is open, free admission.

More: http://www.PolishHomeFoundation.org/events/Medvedeva.htm, Ewa & Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski, [email protected]

Foto courtesy of the Polish Home Foundation


© 2004 Ryszard Kott

Fot: Single - Jagoda Sondej

Fot. 'Fountain" - Hanna Gil

Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński