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Aug 22, 2004, 2:30 pm:  Soldier's Day celebration at the Polish Home

An anniversary of the victorious Battle of Warsaw, Aug 15, 1920, is the official holiday for the armed forces in Poland and a day to celebrate Polish military traditions. Polish Home invited to a commemorating program At the Fireplace featuring patriotic songs and poetry organized by B. Strutynski and to a meeting with the WWII veterans from our community. Cdr. M. Bialowski Benett, Lt. A. Byrski, Lt. J. Friedrych, Maj. A. Herbst and Maj. A. Tomalik shared their experience with the younger generations. The event included an exhibit about the veterans, including late Cdr. W. Pacewicz, prepared by K. Poraj-Kuczewski as well as a slide presentation about them prepared by V. Kaczynski. A traditional Polish dinner was prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary.

Cdr. M. Bialowski Benett

Lt. A. Byrski Lt. A. Byrski with K. Poraj-Kuczewski

Prof. W. Kaczynski

Cdr. M. Bialowski Benett's  Plate  Lt. A. Byrski's  Plate Exhibition - RAF Maj. A. Herbst's  Plate

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Fot. R. Kott


2004 Ryszard Kott

Fot. 'Fountain" - Hanna Gil

Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński